Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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Latest Project: Discovery Content

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Listed as #5 in Moz’s Top 10 content of the year

We tend to put a lot of effort into writing great content these days. But what’s the point of all that hard work if hardly anybody actually reads it through to the end?

  • User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal
    Do search engines collect and utilise user behaviour data for ranking purposes? We’ve got a deep-dive into the data and theories behind user behaviour, search visibility, and more.
  • Why Nobody Reads Your Content
    Our research shows that only one in five people read web content word for word. Majority scan, skip and only read key items of interest.
  • The Art of Link Earning
    Understanding the nature of organic links on the web: An overview of eight primary contextual link environments.
  • Conversations With Google
    An in-depth post discussing the importance of natural language conversation in human-computer interaction and long-term predictions on evolution of Google.


Talks, Lectures, Interviews & Events

Dan Petrovic on Stage

Dan Petrovic with Cyrus Shepard

2017 Events

  • SMX, Munich
  • SEO Summit, Manila [slides]
  • SEO Bootcamp, Sydney
  • Whitehat vs Blackhat, Canada
  • Webmasters on the Roof, Munich
  • Search Marketing Summit Panel, Sydney
  • SMS Sydney, Advanced SEO Workshop
  • SEOktoberfest X, Munich
  • Big Digital, Adelaide
  • Cloudland Event With Google, Brisbane
  • MORCON, Manila
  • Tourism Marketing Summit, Split, Croatia (“How important is content for SEO?”)


2016 Events

  • SEOktoberfest IX, Munich
  • Digital Marketing Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Digital Olympus, Worldwide Broadcast
  • SEO Summit, Quezon City
  • Big Digital, Adelaide
  • PeepCon, Quezon City
  • REPUBLICA Conference, Melbourne
  • UQMAS Panel – University of Queensland, Brisbane



2015 Events


Moz IgniteDan Petrovic, Mozcon Ignite 2015

  • Marketing Festival 2015, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Hubspot Webinar: Advanced SEO Process
  • SMX Munich
    • Presentation: The Fine Art of Link Earning
    • Webmasters on the Roof All Star Panel
  • SMX Sydney
    • Presentation: The Fine Art of Link Earning
    • Expert Panel
  • MozCon, Seattle
  • Podcast Interview with Borja Obeso
  • SEOktoberfest 8, Munich, Germany
  • Griffith University
    • SEO Guest Lecture
    • Promotion Lecture
    • Promotion + Content Lecture
    • Industry Advisory Board
  • Digital Summit: CRO & Content Talk
    • Brisbane
    • Melbourne
  • Hubspot Marketing Masterclass:
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
  • DEJAN Partners: SEO Talk
    • Sydney
    • Brisbane
  • Southbank Convention Centre, Brisbane, SEO Talk
  • SEMY Awards Dinner, Munich
  • WordCamp Brisbane, Creative SEO Talk



2014 Events


SMX PanelRand Fishkin, Dan Petrovic, Aleyda Solis, Kaspar Szymanski

  • Search Engine Bootcamp, Sydney
  • Practical Analytics, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • SEOktoberfest, Munich, Germany
  • SMX Sydney
  • SMX Munich, Germany
  • Dejan SEO @ Hilton, Sofia, Bulgaria [for WordCamp Europe]
  • Click! Digital Expo, Brisbane
  • Google Guest Lecture at Griffith University, Nathan
  • Online Marketing Guest Lecture at Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Industry Advisory Board Meeting, Brisbane Technology Park
  • Marketing Department Review Committee Meeting, Griffith University



2013 Events


Dan PetrovicDan Petrovic, SMX

  • Keynote at Search Marketing Day, Poland
  • WordCamp, Melbourne
  • 7th IMMAP Summit, Philippines
  • Brisbane Digital Media Event, Belgrade
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • ABC TV Interview, Melbourne
  • Google Tour, Zurich
  • Online Retailer, Sydney
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX Elite, Sydney
  • Linux Conference Interviews, Canberra
  • Hangout with CERN, Zurich
  • e-Commerce Expo, Melbourne
  • Industry Advisory Board, Griffith University, Brisbane


2012 Events


Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic, TV Interview

  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX, Melbourne
  • Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, Brisbane
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Click! Digital Expo, Brisbane
  • Dejan SEO Seminar, Brisbane
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • PeSA Internet Conference, Gold Coast


2011 Events


Dan PetrovicDan Petrovic, Search Engine Bootcamp

  • Technology Expo, Gladstone
  • SMX, Sydney
  • SMX, Melbourne
  • Hyness Lawyers Breakfast Seminar, Brisbane
  • PeSA Internet Conference, Gold Coast
  • Crescent of Brisbane, Springwood
  • CCA Educause, Sydney
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Guest Lecture, Griffith University, Nathan
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane
  • WordCamp, Gold Coast
  • SEO Bootcamp


2010 Events


Dan PetrovicDan Petrovic, Search Engine Marketing Day, Poznan, Poland

  • CeBIT
  • SMX Sydney
  • SMX Melbourne
  • SEO Masterclass Brisbane
  • SEO Bootcamp
  • Young Entrepreneur Awards Finalist, Brisbane



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