Big Brand Digital: Sensis’ Kavit Shah

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Tell our readers a bit more about you, your experience in online marketing and your current position.

I have been in the Online Marketing space for 9 years now. I started with link building in 2005 at MelbourneIT. Currently I’m …

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Test Update: Hidden Content

Test Update: Hidden Content

If a piece of content really important don’t hide it in any way on your page. Display it clearly visible for both users and search engines.

Key items:

  • Don’t hide important content using mechanisms such as tabs and accordions
  • If

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Negative Impact of 301 Redirects

Redirecting four of our popular blog posts to a commercial page lowered its rankings in Google.

Redirected posts:

Target page:

Type of redirect: 301
Search term: SEO Brisbane
Scope: Same Domain

Initial Results

301 redirects …

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