SEO Synesthesia – The Taste of PageRank

SEO Synesthesia

Yes, it does seem a bit odd but our link building team agrees – there is a clear distinction in taste perception of different PageRank links they score. Each have their own interpretation, however the sliding scale is always there. Since they never got a PAgeRank 10 link (yeah I know, slackers!) they imagine it to be the taste of Ambrosia – the nectar of Gods.…

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Google Maps

Google maps are great source of traffic for local business searches. Our SEO team can get you into Google Maps and optimise your listing for optimal performance. To find our more please call 1300 123 736 orĀ contact us online.…

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Virgin Blue Blooper

Virgin Blue: Gold Member Upgrade Email Stuff-up

Virgin Blue surprised their members by sending out an upgrade to Velocity Gold email, including myself: And then later this evening, an embarrassing email of apology:

Virgin Blue Stuffup Gold

Virgin Blue Stuffup Apology

Somebody at Virgin Blue marketing is gonna get fired on a Friday the 13th!…

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Heineken Job Ad: Beer Flavor Scientist

Beer Scientist Heineken Job NewScientist

At first glance, Heineken’s recent job posting in the employment classifieds of New Scientist’s website appears to be a very clever advertisement inviting customers to become beer flavor scientists by drinking Heineken’s line of beers.

In an age in which advertising companies are becoming increasingly clever in how they choose to reach their target demographics, we are finding contextual advertisements in such odd places these days that I initially assumed that the employment posting was just part of a very clever viral advertising campaign consisting of faux employment ads cleverly hidden in niche classified listings.…

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Google Toilet

Google Toilet

The SuperNews! comedy series recently released a new viral video. This animated cartoon describes a fictional new service called Google Toilet. This Google program involves the installation of a data mining device in the user’s toilet. As a result, Google is able to analyze human waste in order to assess and store information about the health habits of users.…

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Changes in the SERP URL


According to Matt Cutts, Google now has a more detailed referrer string than what it used to. A few months ago it would simply link to website’s URL directly. Now if you click on a link in any of Google’s result pages you will notice the link leads to something that looks like: %2F&ei=xxx&usg=xxx

Note: cd=1 means that the user has clicked on while this website was on the position 1 in the search results.

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