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Get  Ripped

Get Ripped
Musclehead Vs. Average Joe

Dejan SEO, 10 March 2010 Topic: What’s with the get ripped ads? Let’s take a short trip through the mind of a cyborg. Oops … let’s make that someone really into health and fitness. Wait a second.…


Link Building Tips

Link Building Tips by Matt Cutts

What Are Some Effective Techniques For Building Links?

Ok, we have a question from Pulkit Agrawal. Pulkit asks: “Organic link building, according to me is one of the most difficult tasks for SEOs of SMEs.…


Under the Google Radar

Will Small Traffic Black Hat SEO Sites Stay Under The Radar?

Do you think you can beat the system by hiring a black hat SEO company? Do you think using sleight of hand will get you through the roadblocks set up by Google?…


The Art of Link Building

Link Building Services | Link Building Company
Our Link Building Strategies

Following are the link building strategies we employ in order to grow and maintain powerful and diverse backlink portfolios for our clients:

Standard Level Link Building

  • Advanced Link Target Research, Discovery & Negotiation
  • Competitor Backlink Acquisition
  • Establishing Passive Link Building Tactics
  • Link Consolidation and Non Anchor References
  • Quality Directories
  • Relevant Memberships
  • High Value Donations
  • News Publishing Sites
  • Exploring Non-Competitive Industries
  • Brand Leverage Tactics

Advanced Methods

  • Link Bait
  • Citing and References
  • Viral Marketing
  • Video Distribution
  • Widgets
  • Competitions

Link Building Team

High Quality Link Acquisition & Consolidation

Dejan SEO link building team employs a set of unique link acquisition tactics that secure high quality links in addition to mass link generation typically encountered with traditional link building companies.…


Dropping URL Parameters

Google Tests Canonical Page Versions by Dropping URL Parameters

SEO firms and webmasters are sure to be interested by the news revealed by Google’s Matt Cutts that was recently posted online. Responding to a question regarding whether or not the Googlebot uses inference when spidering the Internet, Cutts agreed that it definitely does – to some extent – and that it looks at redundant parameters in order to do so.…


Google Webmaster Tools Update

Google Webmaster Tools Update: April 2010

Top Search Queries - Google Webmaster Tools Update: April 2010


Google Webmaster Tools has introduced a lovely new set of features that shows webmasters a bit more about how users interact with their site:

  • Select by type of search
  • Filter countries
  • Select date range
  • Lovely visual graph showing traffic values and clickthrough comparison
  • Sortable table showing impressions, clickthroughs and percentages

This feature can be excellent indiscovery of new target phrases.…


Why ALT Attribute Is Still Important

Will Google recognise text within images any time soon? Not any time soon, according to Mr. Matt Cutts, software engineer and web spam fighter from Google. If we went back to the year 2003 and asked any SEO what factors they think are important for rankings they would surely list ALT as one of them, and probably pretty high on the list.…


Cool Google Search Tricks

Cool Google Search Tricks

Google Search TricksThe internet is becoming more and more pronounced in a modern and changing society. With people coming to rely on it to get their information, meet people with similar interests, and so on, it is no wonder that search engines would come into development.…


Website Speed Optimisation

Maile Ohye: Hi, my name is Maile Ohye. I work at Google as a Developer Programs Tech Lead and I manage our webmaster central blog. I’d like to help you better understand how Google approaches site performance and also to help you feel more comfortable in taking those first steps to making your site faster.…


Webmasters Tools Update

Google Webmasters ToolsGoogle has updated the look and feel of Google’s webmasters tools with what seems more of a cosmetic and structural change than addition of much new functionality.

Webmasters Tools New Functional Features:

  • Extra search terms displaying for each site.
  • Message forwarding to email.

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