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Twitter Rescues a Word From Literary Extinction and Gives it a Whole New Meaning

The diagram below illustrates the steady decline in the use of word “twitter” in the English literature. It appears as though the word would have been nearly forgotten if it wasn’t for Twitter’s launch in 2006. Soon after that “twitter” becomes “Twitter” (or @twitter) and the first association is of a 140 character micro-blogging service, everything else has been shadowed by the new Internet phenomenon.…


Bug in Google Date Range Search

While researching the history of the word “twitter” on the internet we tried using Google date range option to find out why there was a peak of mentions of “twitter” in 2004, two years before launch. The search query looked like this:,cd_min:2004,cd_max:2004&prmd=ivnsu&ei=sL87Tab-BYiXcbm89IQH&start=0&sa=N

And results:

Twitter Search by Date Range

We’re pretty sure most or all of the above are in fact wrong but unsure why it happened.…


Link Building Presentation at CeBIT 2010

Watch Dan’s presentation on role of links in search engine algorithm and gain insight into effective link building tactics.…


Purple Cow vs. Golden Calf: Does Niche Marketing or Charismatic Branding Win the Day?

Every marketer and businessperson wants to know the best way to make money and convince the public to flock to their products. Lately, two competing schools of thought have emerged, represented by the images of the Purple Cow and the Golden Calf.…


Google PageRank Update: January 2011

Google’s famous algorithmic metric – PageRank has finally updated. Our team has noticed sporadic updates in January following with a more broad burst around the 20th of January. Google decides to push out the Toolbar PageRank values to public after a long waiting period.…


Money VS Love


Google’s Ngram Viewer tells a fascinating story when the mentions of the words “love” and “money” in literature from 1700 to 2008 are compared graphically. The line of money, cold and blue, and line of love, red of course, vie for the hearts of writers over three-hundred years of telling literary history.…


Google Reveals a Peak in References of Australia in English Literature


This graph shows how many mentions of the country, Australia, came up literature from 1960 to 2005. The trends are less than 10% until about 1972, spiking to above 20% in 1980. Then, the number of mentions lowered to around 10% again until about 1986 when they skyrocketed.


Emotions are back in fashion!


Emotions – especially love – have been appearing more frequently in literature in the last ten years. “Love,” although always popular, has skyrocketed in use since 2000, as the Google Ngram shows. So too have the words “sad,” “hate” and “happy.” “Feelings,” too, has seen some growth since the 1960s – though since the “summer of love,” emotions seem to have been less taboo.…


Google Crisis Response Includes Queensland Flood Information

Live Link:

The Google Official Queensland Flood Information Page is a helpful resource for anyone looking for more information about the recent floods in this region of Australia. The website provides the latest news updates, maps, contact information, and opportunities to volunteer to help the people who have suffered because of the flooding.…


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