Google Music Beta

Google Music: The Cloud, Perfected

Google Music Beta

Google Music is, possibly, the best implementation of cloud computing so far, and it could stay that way for a very long time. The basic concept is as simple as it is brilliant: Users upload their music libraries into their Google web site accounts, and download an app for Android phones.…


Dejan SEO at Ignite Brisbane 2011

Dan Petrovic from Dejan SEO at Ignite Brisbane 2011Ignite Brisbane 2011 took place at “The Edge” venue, as part of The State Library of Queensland. For those who are not familiar with the concept Ignite is something of  a professional soapbox presentation session (similar to Pecha Kucha). Their motto is to ‘Enlighten us, but make it quick’.…


Is There an Impact of Social Media on Rankings?

One of the questions we have been asking ourselves over the past few years is what is the actual impact of social media on rankings, are there any implications showing that social media actually contribute to our rankings? According to Google they do, social media and links from social media, even though they are nofollow, are a factor.…


YouTube Creator Institute

YouTube invites 45 top authors to their ‘Elite Club’

Youtube Creator Programs

YouTube is taking the entire concept of YouTube to another level. In its search over the last six weeks for people who have created outstanding and unique YouTube content, they have recently announced who will be inducted into their two programs, YouTube Creator Institute and YouTubeNextUp. …


Guest Lecture at Griffith University

Dan Petrovic in a guest lecture at Griffith University

This week Dan Petrovic spoke as a guest lecturer to post-graduate students at Griffith University. The topics discussed ranged from research to strategy execution for SEO and ended with practical tips and examples. During the lecture students had the opportunity to see how the search engine optimisation process flows in a professional environment.…


Image Optimisation – How to Get the Maximum out of Your Images

Image optimisation is one of the SEO aspects any website needs to properly implement. Unfortunately there are plenty of websites that don’t use this common practice. Even worse, like everything else in the SEO world images can be overly optimised, and there are websites that do just that.…


Web Copywriting – How To Write Copy For Your Website

Web copywriting is different to other forms of writing for your business. Why? There has been a quiet revolution in terms of writing for the web, which matches the changing way people use the internet.

The first web sites on the net are now called brochure sites, as all they really contained was information you would read in brochures about the business.…


Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox

Author: Dan Petrovic
Dejan SEO:

Universe Sandbox is a unique combination of art, science and entertainment packed in a fun and intuitive interface. The main problem with it is that one does not know where to start in describing its awesomeness.…


Domain Hyphenation Test

There has been much talk about domain hyphenation with Google’s response vague as usual. Dejan SEO team put this to test and in conclusion non-hyphenated domains have an advantage over hyphenated ones. For test specifics and results read on.

Dejan SEO Loves Testing

Here are the technical details of the setup:

Domain Registration & Hosting

We registered two domains:


They were registered seconds apart and in order as above using same whois information and custom name servers:




Both domains were hosted on a different IP of the same C-block.…


Market Defining Keywords – Difference between MDK and SEO Keywords

When starting a link building campaign and keyword research the basis of good research is to first analyze market defining keywords or MDK’s. In order to get to those SEO keywords that people will search for and that will convert your traffic you need to define your market on the web, and we do that by doing market defining keyword research.…


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