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SEO & Digital Marketing Solutions


DEJAN is an Australian search marketing company with worldwide recognition for marketing excellence and innovation. We specialise in technical and strategic search engine optimisation solutions designed to drive traffic and sales to local business, e-Commerce and corporate websites. With unmatched research capabilities our team delivers business intelligence which goes beyond standard data sets. Strategic advice we provide is geared towards maximum impact and speed, delivering quick return on investment.

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is an effective way to drive qualified traffic and sales to your business. Our consultants observe Google’s latest guidelines and offer solutions designed for quick ROI and long-term results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is all about improving what users read and see on your website and social media pages. It’s an excellent tool for branding and improving your site’s authority in the eyes of Google and your customers.

PPC: Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click advertising and AdWords Management can be time-consuming and tricky for novices and even well-seasoned users. Our Google certified PPC account managers are experienced with many platforms and know how to achieve optimal ROI.

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation is a strategy best suited for businesses that are having trouble with customer acquisition despite having reasonable traffic to their website. We have CRO specialists who can analyse exactly what can be improved to boost sales and leads.

Industry Recognition & Media Coverage


We are DEJAN


There is no doubt that clients who have utilised all of our services have benefited the most. A full digital marketing strategy will encompass all of our expertise and resources to make waves in your industry with a superior website and online presence. More than six years of developing effective SEO, PPC, CRO and content marketing strategies will be applied to your tailor-made package.


A complete digital marketing strategy is good way of covering all of the above services and is a sure way of getting the most out of your promotional activities. This is the best option for large and complex websites or kickstarting a brand new website.


Growth within our company and client base has allowed us to stretch our legs and excel in all areas of digital marketing. From clever SEO strategists to creative content writers, we have an experienced collective of team members who are proven campaign champions.


SEO has always incorporated many disciplines of digital marketing but an increasingly varied skill set within our team has meant we can engage our in-house specialists on demand. Your dedicated digital marketing strategist will consult these talented individuals located all around Australia and Europe.


Knowledge, Data and Strategy. A digital marketing strategy is by no means a simple solution and requires a structured approach dependent on a number of factors. We will meticulously assess your current position before laying out a strategy that will include the best tactics being carried out at most opportune time.


Dejan has an international reputation based on our ground-breaking innovations and discoveries. Many agencies use terms “leading” and “innovative” quite liberally. We at the other hand have a portfolio of unique tools and methodologies designed to give us and our clients unique insights and a competitive edge. This year we’re leading the transforming link building practices in Australia.

Reviews and Testimonials

Martin Sejas

I highly recommend them

“Dejan SEO provide an excellent service. They don’t just get results, they actually care about you and your business goals.” Martin Sejas, Ensafe Group


Edward Grant

I highly recommend Dejan

“We’ve been with these guys for about 9 months and have been very impressed with their results.” Edward Grant, Metro Resumes


Anish RoyProfessional team, quick response times

“Very knowledgeable and definitely helped us fine tune our web applications to leverage the best out of the SEO strategies. Good analytical reports to help gauge our progress.” Anish Roy, Coastalwatch

Peter GuAim for a long term result.

“I can’t recommend Dejan SEO highly enough! Chris reviewed my website in detail and not only for quick improvement of ranking, but also for a long term result.” Dr Peter Gu, My Acupuncture

Algorithm Updates

18/06/2015 – We’ve just recorded the second biggest change in Google’s search results this year. This is the first yellow alert since the mystery update on the 5th of February. Other algorithm trackers are reporting similar flux, seemingly exaggerated. Google has confirmed this is not a Panda update, but no specifics are known at this stage. Community speculates this is a “Mystery Update Refresh” while others claim it’s a completely new algorithm. We won’t know for sure unless Google confirms it. This is by all means not the most dramatic update out there. Here’s how this update compares to the last few years of Google’s search result fluctuations:

algo update chart

SERP Epochs

Internal updates at Google often affect how much flux we see in results. If an update changes search results permanently and we see a consistent volatility values from that point on we mark this event as the beginning of a new SERP epoch. These events are easy to spot when looking at yearly data as they look like steps (illustrated below). We’re currently in Epoch 9*.


*Our Epoch count starts from late December 2012.