SEO case studies for our Sydney based clients

Costume collection
Content Marketing, Outreach, SEO

Constant increase in Organic, Referral and Social visits

Picked up by targeting blogs and influencers.

With this client we have a pleasure working on creative content strategies. Series of creative content designed, produced and marketed by Dejan helped the Costume Collection attract targeted visitors to their store.

Fuji xerox

We designed creative digital PR campaign as part of Fuji Xerox environmental sustainability program. Our primary goal was to raise awareness about how small and fragile our planet is. We also wanted to align the client’s brand with the effort of preservation and environment friendly practices. One good example is that Fuji Xerox printer cases are made of components derived from renewable materials including corn. Most people associate big printer brands with pollutants and consumerism. By focusing on this angle we’ve worked with client on an angle that will attract most media and blogosphere attention.

Brainstorm Ideas
Find Trending Concepts
Create Mock-Ups
Engage Influencers
Produce Content and Microsite
Post-Production Outreach

Media & Blogs Pickup: 1,750 instances
Peak views: 171,223
Audience Reach: 500,000
Links to Microsite: ~300

SEO testimonials from our Sydney based clients


Deputy Ashik Ahmed – Co-Founder and CTO

Key Insights
After conducting SEO for eight months, Deputy saw the following results:
Organic traffic improved by 64%
Direct traffic improved by 113%
Social traffic improved by 67%
Rankings went up by an average of 57 positions

Dejan have been fantastic to deal with, there’s no doubting their ability.
Our traffic has improved substantially since they’ve worked on our site and they got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. I highly recommend their SEO and they’ve been highly professional to communicate with too.

Cosmos Clinic

Dr Joseph Ajaka –

Dejan sets the correct expectations and delivers each time
We have worked with just about all the SEO companies that are on the front page of google for the search word SEO. Dejan is not only the most professional and accountable seo company we have dealt with but they delivers results. The other seo companies promise you the world and deliver nothing. Dejan sets the correct expectations and delivers each time. Thank you Dejan.