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DEJAN Melbourne

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Suite 405a, 198 Harbour Esplanade
Docklands VIC 3008

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DEJAN provides digital marketing strategies and SEO solutions for businesses seeking to improve their online presence. The vast array of businesses we’ve worked with in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne has given us even more experience with crafting campaigns in a variety of industries.

The team at the DEJAN Melbourne office is the hub for our SEO, PPC and Content Marketing departments and have led campaigns for local businesses surrounding Melbourne and other clients worldwide. Since opening its doors in 2011, DEJAN Melbourne has benefited from working within the inspirational setting of Docklands, which is home to a number of corporate brands and organisations.

Full SEO Strategy

SEO now demands a full array of skills and expertise that modern digital marketers of all disciplines have. It is by no coincidence then, that we offer a full digital marketing strategy that covers everything your business needs to improve your online presence.


Speak to one of our consultants about this all-inclusive service on 1300 123 736 or through our contact form.


Our Process

Something we emphasise at every level of operational management is a consistent focus on learning, creativity and improvement. We’ve run many successful campaigns implementing our 3-step process:

  • Discovery


    First, we conduct a full analysis of your business and its place among your competition online. This allows us to see how your website is performing against a variety of metrics and if there are any potential linkable assets that could be capitalised on.

    After an initial situational analysis we will conduct keyword research to come up with a set of targeted phrases utilising our own intuitive tool, Phrase Potential Calculator. A technical audit of your website will correct any unknown issues with expired content or incorrect links and an analysis of your relationship with customers and other affiliations will give us a definitive idea of how to improve your search visibility.

  • Strategy


    The next step will call on our experience and talent with creating a master plan to base all of our marketing activities upon. Our strategy will contain a thorough breakdown of timeframes and priorities important to your campaign. With a long-term focus in mind, this usually includes optimising accounts such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics as well as developing a creative content strategy.

    The advanced expertise that exists within our team at DEJAN Melbourne leaves us uniquely positioned to design a strategy for many kinds of businesses in mind. During this crucial period of your campaign, our strategists will take into account what will be most effective for a local business or a large corporation that will require internationalisation and appropriate implementation of the hreflang tag.

  • Execution


    Although research, interpreting data and coming up with an intelligent strategy are all strong attributes of our company, we still have the resources on hand to carry out the final components of your campaign. Many skilled individuals ply their trade at DEJAN and collaborate efficiently between our Australian and European offices to execute a myriad of digital marketing activities.

    Once our web designers, developers and copywriters put their finishing touches on your website or promotional content, we’ll run a risk assessment to ensure any referral traffic obtained throughout the course of your campaign is relevant and of high authority. This concluding stage also makes sure the campaign will continue running at optimum performance with ongoing reporting and tracking of key rankings and traffic data.

Learn more about what’s involved within our process.