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Google+ Stimulates Connections & Discussion

Some Google+ users are starting to notice the “Never miss another post” prompt such as the one below:

subscribe circles


The overview offers an easy way to manage your notifications. It looks like Google is trying to push their circle notification feature and drive conversation on their social platform. So far I’ve used this feature for a very small circle (Googlers I want to hear from no matter what they post).

Additionally, they’re further stimulating connections and interaction by introducing birthday reminder feature. All in all it looks like they’ve managed to fill up the “white gap” everyone speculated would be filled by Google Ads.


old gap

Some users and page owners have also seen the “Create a Community” prompt such as this one:

community reminder

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It is unclear why this push for the communities considering there are already “pages”, “events” and “circles”. Is Google+ moving too far away from the simple and elegant concept of selective sharing and circles?

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