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Here’s how web users decide if online content is trustworthy.

Here’s how web users decide if online content is trustworthy.

In the order of importance, the trust factors for online content are:

  • Content Properties. Title, spelling, grammar, style, language and presence of quick answers.
  • Proof. Quotes, links, references and citations.
  • Publisher Reputation. Brand, website or publisher reputation.
  • Author Reputation. Familiarity 

Advanced New Tail Keyword Research


TL;DR Version
  1. Show people a photo of your product
  2. Ask them what they would type into a search engine if they were looking for it
  3. Discover new attributes, concepts and synonyms you haven’t considered before
  4. Expand your keyword research by 

Why do we link to other websites?

New research shows that organic links on the web often exist for explicitly promotional reasons.

A study of linking behaviour on the web was conducted between May and June 2016 in hope to understand the following:

  • Why web publishers link

User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal

Note: This article was first published on Moz Blog. This version does not use hypotext functionality and will be used to test the performance of hidden content in Google’s search.

Question: How does a search engine interpret user …

Here’s Why Nobody Reads Your Content

Here’s Why Nobody Reads Your Content

How much time do you have to read this? Switch to 5 minutes version.

Our research shows that only one in five people read web content word for word. Majority scan, skip and only read key items of interest.

We …

How Content Can Increase Rankings Without Links

How Content Can Increase Rankings Without Links

Content could increase rankings, even without links.

Personalisation affects rankings, and there is strong evidence that click through rate does too. Content can play a role in influencing both of these, and yet there is still a fixation on links.


Conversations With Google: Media Index

Voice Index

Who remembers audio cassettes? To find your favourite song you had to wind the tape while guessing when to stop. Today we can random access our media but there just isn’t a way to know the exact point of interest …