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SEO Experiment: CTR Manipulation

1,500 Mechanical Turk workers were instructed to:

  1. search for [money term]
  2. search for [money term, test site brand]
  3. click on [test site]

mechanical turk

I wanted to see if a follow-up search and high CTR had any impact on Google Suggest and …


Does link disavow tool do anything?

Yes. It looks like it.

As embarrassing as it is, I accidentally left one of my SEO tests unchecked for about a year. For all you scientist types, it’s a sample of one so feel free to stop reading at …


How people read online [2018 Survey]

A survey of 1,001 users* shows that most web users skim and scan through web content looking for items of interest.

  • Sample Size: 1001
  • Targeting Audience: Users on websites in the Google Surveys publisher network
  • Sampling: Representative
  • Age: All Ages
Predictive Analytics With Google’s Search Console Data

Predictive Analytics With Google’s Search Console Data

SEO is supposed to be strategic. There’s just too much work to do it all at once. By following my framework you’ll be able to easily surface extraordinary opportunities and prioritise your work accordingly.

In the last two articles I’ve …

Same Rank. More Clicks.

Same Rank. More Clicks.

Organic search traffic can be improved without increasing rankings.

All search results compete for user attention. An attractive search snippet on the second position can get as many or more clicks as a poorly presented first result.

What is click-through…