YouTube Subscriber Hack

I have recently discovered a neat trick to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel by utilising the subscription lightbox feature (depicted below).

To see this hack in action go here.

youtube subscriber hack

This feature can be used in your social media stream, profile, website or as part of your newsletter call to action and it provides a faster and more direct way to funnel in new channel subscribers.

How to set it up?

Here’s the anatomy of the subscribe URL:<channel_ID>?sub_confirmation=1

To find your channel ID view the source of your YouTube page and look for “data-subscription-value”.

Copy it’s value, for example data-subscription-value=”UCI0Gw-_S7vaWk2aPgi6b2Ug” and paste in the URL above so it looks like something like this:


This is a hack, and YouTube may patch it up in the future so ensure that your URLs still work if they do that. Also consider user experience before you go and implement this. Showing the subscribe lightbox could be seen as aggressive and annoying in some situations.


The hack also works with the following format which is much easier to remember:

Thanks for the tip @frenchtouchseo

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