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Wolfram Alpha is known as the math student’s best friend. It is a free online search engine that answers some of the toughest math questions. If a student was unable to derive a specific equation, this was the place to get it done for them. But Wolfram Alpha has expanded into a much more intelligent system that can answer a number of problems from typical math questions to the meaning of life.

Wolfram Alpha  Computational Knowledge Engine

The system works by pooling the knowledge of mathematicians across the world. It intelligently examines a question that is entered into the system and attempts to determine what answer the user is looking for. For example, a user might enter the following search: “What is the derivative of 4x squared?” Wolfram would then give the result of “8x” based on the structure of the question.

But mathematicians are not without humor. In fact, they apparently have a greater sense of humor than they have ever been given credit for. There are little tidbits imbedded in the program that are downright hilarious. Asking the program “to be or not to be?” gives the result of “that is the question.” The most humorous results can come from the most random questions. A user might try asking how many angels fit on the head of a pin or simply entering “88mph” into the search box. The results can be surprising.

These amusing results are what have popularly become known as “Easter Eggs.” This simply means it is an addition to a program that is not meant to be serious. Movies have been adding them in to scenes for years and some video games popularized this practice. Grand Theft Auto has one of the most famous video game examples of an Easter Egg. Wolfram is basically paying homage to these predecessors by including these funny tidbits into the search engine algorithm. It is believed there are many of these that have yet to be discovered, like this audio result.

In addition to having many preset jokes in the system, Wolfram is one of the most accessible companies on the Internet. They gladly accept inquires about legitimate issues with a result but also take advice on the funnier content. Ultimately, it is a serious program that has the power to change how mathematics is approached by the public. It provides an almost unlimited amount of information for students and teachers alike. But the programmers understand that in every serious situation there should be a little bit of humor.

So we are challenging our readers to find the funniest hidden content on Wolfram Alpha with their insightful search queries. A contest is being held starting right now. Leave a comment with the most hilarious or intriguing search you have found and make sure to the tweet the post. The best search query will be chosen by our staff and will win an awesome prize. And don’t worry, the winner will not get a walking tour of their own neighborhood, but we promise this one will be well worth the simple comment and the laughs that go along with the searches.

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