What’s My IP Address

Google has been accused of going beyond simply showing search results and stepping into new niches. This time I have to thank them for doing a great job. I hated those “what’s my IP” websites loaded with ads and hidden agendas. IP address is simple enough to show in search and no need to do anything else. I guess this will cut most of their traffic and leave them with users who seek deeper and more detailed information.

"My IP" search in Google

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7 thoughts on “What’s My IP Address

  1. I noticed this the other day and thought the same thing. There must be a huge number of sectors which have lost out in this way (Currency conversion, weight conversion, local weather). I’m sure there are others I’m not even aware of.

    I guess they’ll have to develop some deeper and more meaningful content. 

  2. Indeed, just checked both .com and .com.au Google, seems like .com.au didn”t get this feature yet..
    EDIT: In fact, only .com has it. No love for international Google domains.