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Dan Bond UniversityDan Petrovic presented at WordCamp Gold Coast on the 5th November 2011. The presentation took place at the Cerum Theatre (Bond University). Presentation title: “Google, Angry Panda & WordPress”.


Presentation slides: Google, Angry Panda & WordPress [PDF]


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Dan Petrovic is a well-known Australian SEO and a managing director of Dejan SEO. He has published numerous research articles in the field of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Dan's work is highly regarded by the world-wide SEO community and featured on some of the most reputable websites in the industry.

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5 thoughts on “WordCamp Gold Coast

  1. Great talk today Dan! One thing you covered quickly, and one I’ve been reading about the past week or so, is related what you called today ‘browseable tags”, sometimes called Technorati tags,or just plain tags.

    Am I right in thinking that today you were alluding to leaving them in as navigation options for users, but to make all the tag pages not indexable by Google? That Google saw them as low value pages, and that you’re better off simply having high value pages such as individual posts and category pages? 

  2. Correct. Tags tend to bloat the number of indexed pages which can negatively reflect on your websites’ rankings if it goes out of hand. My recommendation is to either canonicalise these pages or noindex,follow in meta. Another way to look at tags is basically as “indexable search results”. Here is how we solve it on this page, observe source code: http://dejanseo.com.au/topic/ads-in-serp/

  3. Ah, see an interesting thing about that is that they (Google) will still count links to it so you want to ensure that if somebody links to that page you still flow pagerank to the rest of your site.