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Viral content, a phrase we all want to hear. When is something viral and who can help us push something to the limits to be called viral at all? We did a few test of our own in the past, few of them with success, but to completely make that success happen again we would need to understand crucial parts of the campaign itself, and seeing that there are tons of information to digest like who peaked the crowds interest, where did the accumulation come from, what were the sources that drove the mass sharing, which is beside the quality, in house marketing and other angles that we have to look at. All in all, understanding what makes something go viral is a pile of work, that just might become shorter with new Microsoft project called Viral Search.

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The Viral Search tool will only help you see the viral effect for Twitter. According to Microsoft here is what we can expect:

What does it mean for online content to “go viral”? An analysis of almost a billion information cascades on Twitter news, videos, and photos has produced the first quantitative notion of whether something has indeed gone viral, thereby enabling further research into topic experts, trending topics, and viral-incident metrics.

While I was reading the post from Venture Beat and going over the video the only thing I could think is that it looks a lot like Google+ Ripples plus Klout. G+Ripples for the looks (obviously) and it seems they measure the social effect in the same way and Klout because you can indirectly see a users influence and driving force behind virals, all that without a number stating how much that person is influential or not.

We can just wait and see what this tool will look like since it’s still not open to the public, but I am personally looking forward to it.



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