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I love the fact that there are more and more quality blogs out there, more new perspectives, people that share their findings and make our lives in the SEO community a lot easier and more fun to work in. But the old guns always have a bit of wisdom to share, it just happened that today 3 of the old guns brought my attention with great posts from which we can take a lot on 3 different fields. I normally don’t do this type of posts but I decided to break my rule on this one seeing as these posts are timely and offer some great advice.

1. Measuring Your Link Building with Google Analytics

The first one comes from Search Engine Watch and is written by Anna Lewis. To put it simply Anna shows a few great and simple ways to use Google Analytics to measure your link building efforts to some extent. If you are a beginner or a semi-pro in GA, this is a must read post as Anna presents it in simple terms and very easy to follow.

2. Think Before you Link

Think before you link! Defensible Link Building in a post Penguin World comes from BlueGlass. I love their stuff, they are always to the point and most often there are posts that set the standard with new finds and great tips, this is one of them. The post is about Kevin Gibbons and his presentation held lest week at the SES London, about how BlueGlass analyses a link profile of a website, in their words:

“This is primarily useful if a new client had been hit by the Google Penguin update, but we use this process for all clients. After all, everyone can improve and if there’s something which needs tidying up, the last thing you want to do is wait for Google to tell you about it!”

 3. Blog Less but Update More

The last one is from an old wolf, been around for a while, some of the usual tips from Michael Gray, aka Graywolf. his posts are always short (mostly) but easy to read and to the point, this one had a point just within the title, the rest is pure chocolate cake of tips, like the following summary:

“- Understand that more posts create more maintenance points and more areas for your blog to have old, outdated information

– When you don’t integrate clever and trendy ideas into your posts, they become evergreen content with timeless information

– Understand that you will have to update these posts to keep that evergreen content quality

– Update your posts in a way that gives you the greatest benefit: update the date and don’t change the URL

That’s it from me, I doubt I will be doing any round-ups like this one any time soon, just felt like it. But this single post brings together your content marketing strategy, link building and measuring your link building, so it connects together nicely.





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