Unusually Fresh PageRank Update in August 2012


Google’s toolbar PageRank (TBPR) values were released to public in August this year, but with much fresher snapshot date than we remember.

PageRank value is always a historic figure showing real-time PageRank score of a page at the time when the snapshot was taken. There is also a delay between the day when snapshot is taken and when TBPR is pushed out to public. The graphic below illustrates changes in time between snapshot and push, and between public updates. Right now PageRank is just under two weeks old but it will become more stale and inaccurate as we move closer to the next public update. We can say that PageRank is most inaccurate just before each public update.

After going through all available data I had on PageRank updates I made this graphic which illustrates changes in PageRank freshness.

It certainly seems more regular and quite stable:

PageRank Update Pattern

What what we see, the minimal lag between snapshot and public release is not a new thing and there is a clear pattern of fresh PageRank persisting since July 2011.

How do I determine the lag value?

Each PageRank update I go and look for the earliest post on my blog I can find that is now showing PageRank. I use that as a rough benchmark to gauge when the PageRank snapshot was taken. Many freshly published pages show PR zero even after the update indicating that they did not exist at the time the snapshot took place.

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3 Responses to “Unusually Fresh PageRank Update in August 2012”

  1. Thanks for this post Dejan

    I received a PR8 link from one of my sponsors that I have had for about 6 weeks now. The page is regularly crawled, but I did not receive any link juice from this update? Do you know what the reason would be? Would I have to wait for the next update to see if my toolbar page rank changes?

    • Milan H
  2. Check to see for the presence of meta or robots.txt nofollow, js links, iframes, or maybe even check the number of outgoing links on that page.

    • Dejan SEO
  3. Certainly since early 2012 there has been a very consistent trend with snapshot and update. Has that carried through to the November update?

    • Peter Sundstrom

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