Universe Sandbox

Universe Sandbox

Author: Dan Petrovic
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Universe Sandbox is a unique combination of art, science and entertainment packed in a fun and intuitive interface. The main problem with it is that one does not know where to start in describing its awesomeness.

How does one find what he’s not looking for?

Last weekend I started listening one of my science fiction audio books. The book was amazing but my surroundings did not match the experience. ‘How can I transform my environment to fully get in the zone?’ I wondered. First few Google results brought some very ordinary programs that looked as if they were written by a scientist on nothing more but a Commodore 64. Just as I was going to give up on my search I decided to give it another shot and changed my search query. As soon as I hit the website I knew that this was it.


Download was quick, setup even quicker. Universe Sandbox appeared in front of me in all its glory and blazing speed. I could not believe how smooth and polished everything was and was eagerly looking forward to play with it more – I felt that same boyish enthusiasm I lost for astronomy many years ago. I learned how everything works in an interactive and fun guided tutorial that I could deviate from or skip altogether.

The Fun Begins

My god, where does one go first? What to do first? I wanted to do and see everything at once but first thing I did was from the fun things to do suggestion panel, and fun it was. It was after hours of planetary tweaking, slowing and accelerating time and playing God that I realized that I completely forgot the reason why I downloaded Universe Sandbox in the first place!

Back to My Book

When I realized it was getting late I ‘flew’ back to our solar system, removed all labels and information and set the bodies in motion with Earth as a central object. I switched the lights off and resumed my space journey with an audio book. What I saw on my computer screen was as close as I will ever get to seeing stars through a window of an inter-stellar spaceship.

Giant Army, in my books you are right next to Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

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