Twitter Taking Over Realtime Search in SERP

With the emphasis on social media over the past few years we all started searching for news using mostly social media like Twitter or Facebook. Yes, Google is still number one search engine with no signs that it is going to change, but lately there have been a few changes that may have gone under the radar but should not go any further unnoticed.

One of the changes we have noticed here at Dejan SEO is that the realtime search in Google that is used to monitor updates in the world of social media has gone from featuring Google ads to mostly Twitter ads.


We knew about this since November 2010, but even though there were announcements and press releases and social media buzz that Twitter will be displaying ads in Google realtime, it is only now that we actually see this happening. This is the first time we see that twitter ads are winning over Google ads and are promoted more frequently.

Well, online advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry and as such it keeps evolving all the time, this is just one step forward. According to speculations on the net Twitter already earned a great deal of money just by displaying ads in Google realtime, and with this much exposure this means more business for Twitter, Google and new advertisers.

Unlike Google adwords that more and more companies are beginning to avoid, this is a new step to online advertising as regular users are switching over to social media experience, Google realtime being one. So, Ads by Twitter, a new advertising niche in the rapidly evolving  PPC space for eager advertisers keen to promote their services.

Zac is a link building specialist and a seasoned SEO professional. He manages a team of link builders and actively promotes some of Australia's biggest brands. Zac is an active blogger and also maintains Dejan SEO's news and updates section.

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