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Type in several words in the Twitter Search box, and you’ll get Tweets that contain all of the words — this scope is the default for all searches. If you want to find an exact phrase, enclose the words in quotation marks. Use the word OR between words if you want one or the other of the words, or both. Use a minus sign if you want to exclude a word. You can combine all of these uses of Twitter search operators in this article to create one long Search term.

If you type in:

London nightclub
… you get all Tweets that contain both “London” and “nightclub.”

“London nightclub”
… you get all Tweets that contain the exact phrase “London nightclub.”

London OR nightclub
… you get all Tweets that contain either the word “London” or “nightclub” or both.

London -nightclub
… you get all Tweets that contain “London” and do not contain “nightclub.”

The next Search criteria you can use are the Twitter hashtags that denote CamelCase keywords. If you are searching for a hashtag within a Tweet, be sure to include the “#” character as a prefix.¬†Searching for people makes use of the person’s Twitter username.

If you type in:

… you get all Tweets sent by “dejanseo.”

… you get all Tweets sent to “dejanseo.”

… you get all Tweets that reference ‘dejanseo’ within the Tweet.

Location from which the tweet was sent is the next set of Search criteria. Use the word “near” to specify a geographic location by name; add the word “within” and a number of miles or kilometers to specify a geographic circle around a location.

If you type in:

… you get all Tweets sent from the city of Brisbane.

near:Brisbane within:50 km
… you get all Tweets sent within 50 km of Brisbane.

The send-dates of Tweets can also be searched in the same way as send-locations.

If you type in:

… you get all Tweets sent after January 1st, 2011.

… you get all Tweets sent before January 1st, 2011.

To find Tweets that ask a question, add a ? to the box.

To find Tweets that contain URLs, add the phrase “filter:links” to the box.

To find Tweets that came from TwitterFeed, add “source:twitterfeed” to the box.

You can search for Tweets with an attitude by adding the :) or :( emoticons.

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