Twitter Launches Official Tweet Button

Twitter LogoTwitter announced this week that they have launced their own official “Tweet” button. Websites such as Facebook and Google have already had a button that allows their users to share information for quite some time now, and Twitter has now decided to get in on the action.

The Tweet button is now available to all websites, which will allow both Twitter and websites with a Tweet button to increase their popularity. Site viewers can simply press the website’s Tweet button and share content information without even leaving the page they are on. Twitter’s new button gives websites many new customizable options. Websites are able to choose whether they would like a vertical count of tweets, a horizontal count, or even no count at all. Twitter also gives the choice of language selection for their button.

Websites are even able to further customize their button by creating a customly styled button for their site. Twitter has continued to follow the technology trends, which until recently, have only been available to those who use other third party websites. Twitter recently purchased a company called Atebits so that the company’s “Tweetie” iPhone app could be turned into the new and official app entitled “Twitter for iPhone”. Twitter’s new Tweet button puts companies that previously provided the world with embeddable Twitter sharing options, such as TweetMeme, out of the Tweet button business.

A TweetMeme blog written by Nick Halstead, the founder and CEO of TweetMeme, explains that they will not be going out of business, but that the two companies of TweetMeme and Twitter are actually planning to begin working together on Twitter’s future projects. TweetMeme and Twitter’s first co-op project, which is entitled DataSift was revealed recently. DataSift allows Twitter developers to create very precise streams of data from the millions of tweets sent every single day.

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