Top 5 Digital Marketing Activities Since 2010

No matter how satisfied or amazed you are with the Internet, you can bet that content and search results will continue to change and improve. Digital marketing strategies will also vary for as long as the demand for a seamless interaction between the Internet and the user exists.

Four years ago people were still watching Lost and the first iPad was launched. Considerable changes have also occurred online and in 2010, digital marketers hadn’t even felt the effects of the first debilitating Panda update. After the latest Panda 4.0 update last month, it’s quite possible new challenges will arise before the end of the year.

Today’s agencies and in-house marketers have definitely been more focussed on quality content creation with 71% of SEO professionals reporting an increased demand for that activity. See what else has changed over the years below:


NOTE: This table doesn’t represent the favoured SEO activities of Dejan SEO and is merely a broad representation of industry findings.

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