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Click and Share with New Google Toolbar Feature

Google Incorporated is always developing additions to their online platform in order to enhance the Web experience for its users. With the update of Google Toolbar to version 6.4, Web surfers will be able to share their favorite websites instantly without cutting and pasting links into an e-mail. This latest addition also cuts down on time by utilizing Google’s URL Shortener,, to compress lengthy URLs into smaller, manageable links. The new Share button is available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and allows users to share or bookmark webpages while they surf by way of social networking platforms and e-mail providers, such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Gmail, Myspace, and a variety of other sites. The Share menu is enabled by clicking on the wrench icon (Toolbar Options). Frequent use of a specific site will bump up its location on the Share menu, or users can add their top picks as Toolbar buttons.

Google Toolbar

The Importance of Speedy Communication

Due to the increasing popularity of blogs and social networking sites, many website owners have already embedded sharing tools on their webpages. However, there are millions of other websites that don’t enable sharing, and the Google feature is designed to promote speed and make convenience the standard across the board. Nowadays, Internet users are primarily concerned with finding web tools that are multi-functional and capable of facilitating direct communication with the target audience. The Share button may seem like a simple extension of existing sharing tools, but it is essential to consider it as one aspect of the Google Toolbar as a whole. When used in conjunction with other Toolbar buttons, the Share feature allows users to complete several tasks at once, such as viewing a foreign news site, translating several pages, and sending it to colleagues.

Google Stays Ahead of the Pack

The masterminds behind Google know exactly what their users need to maximize their Internet experience. Admittedly, the Share function is no great leap in technology, but it will ensure that new versions of Google Toolbar will continue to appear on computers all over Globe.

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