The importance of video for SEO

Dejan Petrovic talks at the Online Marketer conference with the guys from Hunting with Pixels regarding the importance of video to communicate your message online, and in turn the effective SEO impact this can have for business.

TLDR = Too long didn’t read – often refers to an article that people don’t have the time and or inclination to read, due to the perceived time investment needed to understand the message. Video communication is far more direct and often more effective, to not only convey a message, but as a tool to make your message more accessible to a wider audience.

Dan goes on to suggest some key elements to consider setup of correct video site maps, making sure that your videos are injected into your search snippets, to increase your click through rates in search engine results. User ratings, author pictures and video snippets are all a significant part of search results today.

Dejan Petrovic on Video content

If you and your company are not using video as part of an ongoing online strategy, you are possibly missing out on the benefits it can bring.

Simon has been working in web development, design and marketing over the past 20 years. With Simon's real world business experiences, implementing effective SEO strategies have produced great ROI for the business he has worked with.

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