Ten Good Reasons to Try Piwik

Piwik Dashboard ScreenshotPiwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics, built on PHP and MySQL. The initial development was in France and it already has a decent following in Europe and Asia. Most of the developers are interns from companies like Amazon and Intel. Here are 10 reasons you will want to become more familiar with Piwik.

1) Customizable dashboard. With Google Analytics, there are some parts of the user interface that cannot be changed. You can design the Piwik UI around your needs.

2) Data is on your server. Google Analytic stores the information on their servers. With Piwik you can use an in-house server or a third party high up-time server.

3) Open source. Google Analytics may be free to use but the code is still proprietary. If you have the skills to modify the code to make the Piwik work better for you, you can.

4) Non-biased reporting. Google Analytics is a product of Google and has better tracking for Google Adwords and other Google products. Consequently, some of the analysis for competing services can be difficult to deliver. Piwik has no such concerns treats all services equally.

5) You own your information. Google Analytics Terms of Service (TOS) reserves the right to use your companies information for their own purposes or disperse it to others for the good of Google, its users or the public.

6) Free. The Google Analytics TOS has a clause that limits its use to 5 million page views per month unless you also have an active Adwords campaign that is in good standing. Having no limit is great for traffic and SEO analysis for larger websites.

7) Plug in architecture. The functionality can be easily expanded by just installing the plug in modules of your choice.

8) Active developer community. With so many people working to make Piwik do everything they want it too, it is easy to find someone who has already developed a solution to your need.

9) Real time tracking. Because the data is on your servers, you can refresh the data on your schedule so you have the most up to date statistics.

10) OpenX. Piwik is already closely affiliated with Google Ad Manger alternative OpenX.

Piwik is still in beta. But it is clearly well on the way to becoming one of the strongest web analytic tools available. As more and more features continue be developed, it will not be long before Piwik is positioning itself to displace Google Analytics.

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