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DEJAN Sydney

DEJAN are specialists in digital marketing and SEO strategy with a superior reputation and a growing list of clients. Our Sydney office is home to some of our most experienced strategists who work with a team of consultants from Europe and all over Australia. Being located in the business capital of Australia allows us to do business with many reputable brands and companies.

Full Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re creating a brand new website or need assistance completely reworking an existing website, it may not be in your best interest to focus on only one element of digital marketing. A full digital marketing strategy is an effective way of covering everything you need to excel in online branding, promoting or selling.

  • SEO – Improve search visibility
  • Adwords – Generate traffic and leads
  • Content Marketing – Increase branding and engagement
  • CRO – Optimise customer acquisition

Contact the Sydney Office

(02) 9191 5555


Suite 6108, Locomotive Workshop
Australian Technology Park
2 Locomotive Street
Eveleigh NSW 2015

Google Places

Enter Bay 8 of the Locomotive Workshop via Locomotive Street, take the stairs up to the second level and turn right.

Parking is available off Central Avenue.


SEO Services

There are many types of business that can benefit from SEO but all of them will require a different approach. The team at DEJAN Sydney will focus on the SEO services that are most effective for you and your business goals. This means providing ongoing on-site optimisation and technical analysis while channelling our efforts into a quality selection of relevant keywords.

Whether you’re a small business, online retailer or large corporation, our SEO department can fulfil your requirements in the best way possible with the following options:

Local Kick Starter

This is a suitable option for a local business that has had little to no SEO work completed previously. During this one month long campaign we will give your business the head start required to improve your search visibility.

The Kick Starter utilises keyword research and targeting to create a list of relevant phrases that your landing pages will rank for. Your website will also be assessed according to Google’s quality guidelines and its conversion rate performance. Ultimately, your Google Local profile will be set up and optimised to maintain a holistic marketing message across all of your business directory listings.


Companies with a strong focus of selling through their website will benefit more from our SEO services tailored for eCommerce. Whether you’re targeting a niche market, only selling a few different types of products or operating as a large online retailer, an eCommerce SEO campaign will aim to have you appearing ahead of your competition for the long-term.

Our SEO team will review all of the keywords you’re currently ranking for and recommend more relevant and effective ones to target. As well as an analysis of your compliance with Google quality guidelines, our SEO strategists will engage Rich Snippet markups to get your products appearing at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).


SEO for businesses with multiple locations around the country requires a different approach so that the right customers are targeted according to each of your locations. Our National SEO service is designed for this in mind so that your branding and search performance will improve.

This campaign begins with targeted keyword recommendations and landing page optimisations as well as the generation of any additional content necessary to align with your website and each of its location pages. Our expertise in setting up Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts allows us to make strategic decisions regarding your SEO by obtaining vital insight impacting your website. Continual backlink audits ensures you are only obtaining referral traffic from quality sources, which will maintain a high position on Google.


An organisation with many competitors and stakeholders, that may be operating globally, can promote key branding messages while maintaining its image and reputation with a Corporate SEO campaign. While our team are savvy about budgets to deliver ROI for small to mid-sized companies, they also have the knowledge and experience to work with larger companies of a different calibre.

A wide range of keywords that will compliment your branding will be targeted before we begin a comprehensive analysis of your entire website and previous online promotional activities. Our team’s expert setup and interpretation of analytical tools will reveal exactly how we can improve your rankings and online presence without any direct penalties by Google or harmful backlinks.


Take a closer look at our SEO Packages and if you have any other questions, fill out an enquiry form online.

AdWords Management

Our strategy team in Sydney are not only specialists in SEO but can manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign too. Google Certified campaign managers will go above and beyond to make sure your keywords and ad placements are relevant and your conversions are high.

Our Paid Search department can manage campaigns for Google AdWords, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. See what type of PPC campaign would suit your business below:

Local PPC

This campaign will specifically aim to reach customers local to your region with a secondary focus of expanding your company’s general online presence. Our PPC department will work exclusively to your allocated budget and achieve your desired goals as fast as possible.

Your paid search accounts will be structured so a mix of exact and broadly matched keywords will be targeted. Eye-catching copy and finely tuned ad placement formulas will achieve a high conversion rate at a low cost per click (CPC) so a strong focus on achieving ROI is maintained. Your campaign will continue with ongoing testing and monitoring of your KPIs to refine all factors affecting your results.

eCommerce PPC

Websites with a transactional point of sale have potential to prosper strongly from engaging in eCommerce PPC. Our campaign managers are experts at gaining the best possible returns and conversions out of paid search ads on a variety of platforms.

Your Google Merchant Centre account will expertly set up to deliver optimised ads on Google Shopping. Dynamic Remarketing will add branding and marketing value to your products with animated banner ads that encourage return customers. Google Analytics and AdWords accounts will also be monitored to track key metrics such as ‘return-on-ad-spend’ and ‘revenue-per-click’.

National PPC

For a company targeting customers in multiple regions, running a paid search company that utilises your advertising budget efficiently is an important factor. A National PPC campaign aims to achieve this as well as promote your company and products to rank higher than your competition.

Strategy and planning begins with input from our most experienced PPC campaign managers and analytical tools. This allows us to successfully target keywords for multiple locations and ensure optimum reach. Every element in your paid search campaign will be subject to ongoing to efficiency testing so that you’re obtaining profitable traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Corporate PPC

Major companies based in many locations stand to strengthen their brand substantially with a Corporate PPC campaign. Our PPC department has a history of working with large corporate brands that compete in a crowded market and have a lot at stake when it comes to their brand identity.

We can offer premium ad copy that will lure your customers in with relevant and brand-related keywords. Our expert knowledge of account settings and campaign segmentation means your ad placements will be fully structured and optimised. As with all of our campaign activities, Corporate PPC will utilise our tracking software to log important data so we can constantly make improvements.


PPC can be a great way of complimenting SEO and achieving decent ROI. Find out why.

Content Marketing

Engaging content that will capture your customer’s attention is pivotal for the success of any SEO campaign. Our content marketing campaigns will increase referral traffic coming to your site, which will improve your authority and search visibility. It is an invaluable part of digital marketing nowadays that can reduce long-term costs on ad spend and build brand awareness.

Better customer retention and user engagement are other benefits of engaging in Content Marketing. Each click by a potential customer is an opportunity to impress them and create an experience on your website that is both enjoyable and reflective of your brand. High quality content that aligns well with your business can deliver this and reinforce your brand and reputation.

Learn more about how content marketing campaigns can make your business go viral.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Online retailers and other businesses might see fluctuations in their ROI regardless of how much traffic is coming into their website. If this sounds like you, it’s highly likely that your customer acquisition needs some work with a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy.

Our dedicated team of CRO specialists will utilise in-depth analysis of key components of your website and A/B split testing to achieve groundbreaking CRO. With the added insight that CRO can offer you can unleash the true potential of your website and get more out of each visitor.

Ask a DEJAN Sydney team member about our CRO solutions today.

Our Process

It is important to undertake every campaign with a proven methodology. The way we carry out all of our digital marketing activities is with a process that has learning and innovation at its heart.


This first step is when we examine your business and competitors and look for potential opportunities to grow your brand’s online presence. We’ll also conduct an analysis of your website and the keywords and phrases you’re currently ranking for.

Our in-house developed Phrase Potential Calculator helps us with keyword research and Dejaplus gives us a clear idea of how you interact with your customers and business networks.


This is when the bright strategic minds heading our teams come into their element. Every action carried out during your campaign is planned with a purpose and to an accurate schedule. These key priorities devised in an effective strategy is what will eventually make your website more visible to search engines.

Everything from your website’s layout to your Google Webmaster Tools account setup will be optimised to improve your rankings and search performance. Many years of experience have given us a competitive edge when it comes planning a campaign schedule. We have, however, been in this industry too long not to have a plan b or a fresh approach when working with a client with a unique set of challenges.


A brilliantly planned strategy is only as good as its execution and that is something we can back ourselves on. The varied skill set within our company means our in-house creative department can deliver fresh new content while our SEO specialists build the foundations for an optimised website.

Our teams throughout Australia and Europe will also work closely together to ensure your long-term strategy will adapt and remain effective in the future. An Outreach Campaign will maintain a quality flow of referral traffic and high-authority inbound links. Throughout this period we’ll also track and report the performance of you and your competitors’ websites.