Structured Data Dashboard: New Feature in Google Webmaster Tools

Google has just introduced the structured data dashboard in Webmaster Tools and we went to investigate the new feature [1].

From today, webmasters who log into Google Webmaster Tools will be able to navigate to “Optimisation > Structured Data” to see which pages have used structured data and been recognised by Google.

Upon first inspection we found four data types identified on our own site:

  1. ImageObject
  2. LocalBusiness
  3. Person
  4. Organization

Structured Data Dashboard

There are three overviews, each on a different level:

  1. Site-level view (pictured above)
  2. Itemtype-level view (pictured below)
  3. Page-level view

Here is an example of one itemtype overview on our website (ImageObject):


Page Level Overview

Below is the screenshot of the page-level overview of one of our pages using itemtype: ‘ImageObject’

Page Level

The “Rich snippet preview” links to the Rich Snippets Testing Tool by directly hyperlinking the page from the overview. Very handy!


[1] Thomas Biggs & Andrei Pascovici: Introducing the Structured Data Dashboard

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