Stay Smart Online

Stay Smart Online

Dejan SEO partners with National Cyber Security Awareness Week

Dejan SEO has partnered with the Australian Government’s stay smart online national cyber security awareness week initiative for 2013.

The annual event will be held from 20-24th May 2013. The week is run in partnership with industry and focuses on raising awareness of cyber security risks facing Australian internet users; by promoting simple measures that can be taken to improve online security by protecting confidential information including personal and financial information online.

Dejan SEO is proud to support the awareness week initiative, and believe it’s a great way of educating internet users of the risks associated with internet use, and highlighting safer ways to use the web. We will be dedicated to promoting the key messages of the campaign to spread the word over the week. Our business is dependent on the internet, so we are dedicated to endorsing safe internet usage and supporting the education of how to best enforce good browsing practices.

The key messages of the campaign include simple tips to protect your information online. Distributing simple key information to the Stay Smart Online partners to assist in promoting the message is core to ‘getting the word out’. Some of the tips in materials provided  include the following:

 “Install and update your security software; set it to scan regularly.”

 “Use strong passwords and different passwords for different uses.”

“Regularly check your privacy settings on social networking sites.”

“Talk with your child about staying safe online, including on their smartphone or mobile device.”

Internet Safety

The government initiative has created the stay smart online website as a platform for resources to educate Australian internet users. The website is aimed at educating home users, business users, schools, kids and teenagers about things to consider to ‘surf’ and use the web safely.

It is particularly important for Businesses to use the internet safely. As a business ourselves, we must be aware of protecting our customers information, and our virtual assets such as our data and information being stored on computers. The Business page on the Stay Smart Online website offers some valuable tips for businesses. Some of these include installing security software, developing a back-up strategy and developing policies for staff using computers and networks.

The awareness week is also promoting the stay smart online alert service, as a free resource for Australian internet users. Home and small business users are provided with information, solutions and warnings about the latest threats to help protect their online safety and privacy.

For more information on the awareness week initiative and online security information visit the stay smart online website.

Stay safe online!



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