SOCL – Microsoft’s Social Network

Microsoft Research releases social network platform which resembles rivals. Is Microsoft bringing anything new to the table or is this just another ‘me too’ attempt by the software giant with too much money?

SOCL - Microsoft's Social Network

Funky domain: Tick. Facebook/Google+/Twitter interface elements: Tick Aaaand we’re good to go!

SOCL Facebook LoginOne refreshing thing about Microsoft’s platform is that (unlike Google) they do recognise who the boss is (Facebook). In fact they use Facebook authentication to sign up new users and retain the “on Facebook” link in the user’s interface. Way to go Microsoft!

I am particularly fond of their “research” label on this project, making it sound like not so much of a failure to quickly produce a social network that people would use. One thing is for sure though, we don’t need any more social network platforms after this – I just can’t imagine myself maintaining three separate profiles and friends lists (Facebook, Google+, SOCL).

Facebook remains a family and friends place. Google may be able to fill a more professional niche (LinkedIn fail?) while the future of SOCL and its purpose is to be seen.


SO.CL Video:

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