Site Move Tool – New Addition to Bing WMT


Bing WMT just launched a Site Move Tool that will help you tell Bing when your site has move or when you move one or more URLs to a new address.

The tool can be found in your Bing WMT account under Diagnostics and Tools. With this tool you will be able to easily notify Bing of any URLs that moved within your site, or if you moved a URL from one domain to another verified website. It’s even easier to move an entire domain and all of its subpages with this tool. you can also opt to move a subdomain and all its pages to a new home or even just a specific directory like if you decide to do so.

Note that a standard 301 redirect should be in place and is warmly advised. This is just a notification tool that helps in transition. As Bing wrote in their announcement  you should keep your redirect for at least several months.


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