SES Hong Kong – The Inbound Marketing Cookbook

Eddie Choi
SES Advisory Board; Founding Partner, Frontiers Digital

Eddie begun his presentation by using the example of a customer using a smartphone to do research in the store. I have heard this example many times before in the guide of the ‘walk past a coffee shop, get a discount sent to your phone’ scenario, but it was a point that needed to be told to some of the audience. This led into his next point, which was that individuals have become more powerful, because they know have the ability to research products close to the time of purchase, they are beginning to ask more questions.

Some key points from Eddie’s presentation:

  • -Everyone is social now. Even farmers have Facebook fanpages for their businesses.
  • -Questioning whether Baidu uses social signals in it’s rankings, Eddie was able to point out Baidu’s official statement claiming they do, in fact, use social signals.
  • -Baidu has ‘pseudo organic’ results. As opposed to Google, Baidu SERPs can have a majority of paid inclusions, when compared to natural listings.
  • -Further complicating things, a lot of Baidu’s results are actually Baidu pages, similar to ‘Yahoo! Answers’ pages.

So there turned out to be a lot of information on Baidu (considering the conferences proximity to mainland China). Eddie also talked about Weibo, which is kind of like a mix of Twitter and Facebook. Weibo results often show up on Baidu, however, they are not fully integrated together, which means the results don’t always make sense. For example, Eddie showed a search on a luxury brand, and the Weibo results returned weather reports, that happened to have a mention of the brand somewhere in the text, showing how relevancy suffers somewhat.

Some last points from Eddie:

  • -Track how much content you put out. Make an inventory of everything, so you know how much you are displaying and what it is about. This way you can identify any gaps in your content, if anything the consumer needs is lacking, content wise.
  • -Monitor and takes notes of competitors copywriting. This will also idnetify any gaps you have in the content you’re putting out to your visitors.