SES Hong Kong Day 1 – Richard Mabey presentation

The Keyword Optimization Loop: How to choose and keep choosing the best keywords to drive traffic to your website.

Richard Mabey
CEO & Managing Director, The Egg

Richard Mabey - CEO of The Egg, Hong Kong based digital marketing agency

Richard started out with some of the basics of search; explaining the difference between transactional, informational and navigational searches. But, being from a digital marketing agency that specialised in the Chinese market, Richard had a lot to say about Baidu.

There are some PPC factors to consider with Baidu:

  • Is it worth pursuing natural search results in Baidu for certain keywords? The SERPs page you might want to rank on might already be dominated by paid results.
  • As an example, Richard showed how a big brand like Hewlett Packard is only able to obtain organic results below the fold for it’s own brand name!
  • Because you’re playing a whole different ballgame, you need different tools. Zhuici was mentioned as a popular SEO tool to use when trying to rank on Baidu.
  • The long-tail is a good place to try and capture rankings, because it’s not going to be crowded with paid search results.
What I gathered from the talk is that Baidu requires a lot of PPC, which means you should adjust your budget accordingly, perhaps holding back somewhat on your SEO efforts.

A few final points from Richard:

  • Decide which landing page is going to accept certain traffic.
  • Baidu is one of your competitors, in a sense. Because Baidu has their own informational pages (like Yahoo! Answers) featured heavily in results, you’re going to need a strategy that can combat this quirky feature.
  • You need PPC, not only for keyword research, but to cover your weak points. If it’s nigh on impossible to rank naturally, you can rely on PPC to get the exposure you desire.