Changes With NOFOLLOW tag

Ambiguous Role of the NoFollow Tag

5 December 2011 Update: In a recent Live Q&A session Matt Cutts states that they generally don’t follow the nofollow links. This is confusing as we all know that they do, at least for document discovery if not for passing PageRank. The question is did Matt Cutts mean the latter, or has something changed at Google and nofollow links are truly not followed by bots anymore?

NoFollow tag and PageRank Sculpting

Nofollow Attribute4 June 2009 “…Matt Cutts dropped a bomb shell that it no longer works to help flow more PageRank to the unblocked pages.” via SELands/ SEOMoz If your SEO placed a nofollow tag on all your low relevance pages simply to gain better link juice in order to rank higher – this won’t work anymore according to the statement Matt Cutts made at SMX yesterday.

Matt is the official Google spokesman for SEO community. An example would be to block privacy policy, login page, terms and conditions, contact us and similar pages in hope to preserve link juice for the product and service pages we wish to see in the result pages. I my opinion Google did this due to the fact that too many valuable pages started to hide all this valuable information which was no longer in Google’s index, and that is of course a big concern for the leading search company.

Another factor is that, nofollow tag should be used to prevent associate ion with pages you cannot trust which in many cases rendered someone’s privacy policy a statement the site itself does not trust which is a bit of a problem. If you need help understanding the latest changes contact us today.

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