Timeless SEO Fundamentals


Businesses and individuals are concerned about SEO strategy for good reason. Rankings are a key to success. A common mistake is putting too much energy into the latest gimmicks while ignoring basic principles. As with anything, a solid SEO foundation will always succeed over the long term.

Sticking with time-tested SEO fundamentals and adding new features as needed will ensure that your website remains competitive. Strategy is the groundwork that doesn’t change, even though tactics might. There are three areas in which a successful online business must shine. It needs great content, strong marketing, and technical excellence.

Great Content

When visitors land on your website, they’re looking for the answer to a problem. The degree to which you provide a solution is the degree to which your business will be successful. Whether people want a product, a service, or just need information, the better you satisfy their needs, the more likely they are to form a good impression of your company and return to your site.

Content must be easily shared with others, and it has to be content that people want to share. It needs to be unique in some way, either by presenting new information or by presenting existing information in a different way. Great content, well-written, sets your site apart from everything else on the web.

Strong Marketing

You have to let the public know you have what they need. Ongoing e-mail campaigns are a tried and true method for generating sales. Interfacing in some way with the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums is a must. Strong external link attraction is mandatory, either through the viral co-efficient or with content distribution. Conversion rate optimization and analytic monitoring of how effectively your current strategy is working must be done on a regular basis.

It doesn’t hurt to add some old-school marketing techniques that have served businesses for centuries. Getting out there physically and trumpeting your wares can only add to your success. Talking to others about what you’ve got, especially to those who have a need for your goods, will make people aware of the ways you can be of service.

Technical Excellence

A successful website is user-friendly. That means information is easily located. Material is well organized and accessible with just a few clicks. Effective internal links must be in place to help visitors get additional information. The web address should be short and sweet with no numbers and an appropriate keyword.

Content should be used in a way that doesn’t overload or overwhelm, but still gets your message across. Duplicate content should be avoided unless it’s pulled together with tags or redirects. XML and HTML site maps help search engines and visitors navigate the site.

Strategic use of keywords is another consideration. While most of what was true of effective SEO strategy in the late 1990s remains true today, keyword stuffing is the only exception. Keywords need to be used judiciously, with care, and in a way that search engines won’t reject.

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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