PPC Management

DEJAN SEM offers multi-platform advertising solutions to businesses focused on improving their online reach and targeting, this is achieved through the building and ongoing optimisation of accounts by experienced online marketers.

PPC Platforms

DEJAN SEM offers management and optimisation services for Google AdWords (including display network), Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Facebook. Through offering a multi-platform PPC (pay-per-click) solution DEJAN SEM can achieve maximum reach over a targeted audience, giving your business the ability to advertise with the best possible ROI (return-on-investment).

Tools and Software

DEJAN SEM has developed many tools to assist in research, development and optimisation of PPC Campaigns. However although these tools are useful we know that no piece of software can replace human management, as successes and failures associated with AdWords campaigns are often based on human interaction. For Example: software can tell you that an advertisement is not performing well, however it can’t tell you why viewers are not responding well to the AdCopy and suggest how to fix it.

DejanSEO Advanced PPC Solution


DEJAN SEM’s PPC strategists have each built and optimised hundreds of campaigns including: (Fairfax Media Accounts, ChemDry Carpet Cleaning, University of Queensland, Rave Magazine and Australian College of Information and Technology). Through years of experience our strategists have the ability to work with a variety of business from SME’s (small-and-medium-enterprises) to multi-national corporations. Our strategists will work with you to understand your business products, services, and its goal(s): Branding, Sales, Leads, Enquiry’s or Signups.

Research and Strategy

Once our PPC strategists have determined the KPI’s (key-performance-indicators) for the campaign we will develop a strategy to achieve this based on budget. Our PPC strategists perform:

  • Competitor Analysis – We analyse what is working well for you competitors, this gives us a starting point for your campaign. We don’t intend to always re-invent the wheel, just optimise it.
  • Keyword Research – Using internal and external tools we can build a keyword list that has the highest chance of initial success.
  • Negative Keyword Development – This can be extremely important as campaigns often need to start out with broad matched phrases. Keywords like Jobs, history, wiki, DIY often should be used as negative to qualify who you show your advertisements too.
  • Placement Research – Rather than just turning on the display network or blasting Facebook with advertisements we consider the demographics of the responders most likely to make a conversion. Placements can be managed by selecting particular sites that correlate with your product or service. Demographics can be managed by selecting, gender, age, locations etc.

Building/Rebuilding of Campaigns

Depending on the health of the campaign our PPC strategists will determine if it is necessary or not to rebuild your current campaign.  As the historic CTR (click-through-rate) will have a bearing on Quality Scores and therefore determine CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-acquisition), it is often better to start from scratch if the campaign has had a poor history.

When building campaigns our PPC Strategists will develop:

  • Keywords – We run search query reports in order to determine how people are finding and clicking on your advertisements and we analyse poor performing keywords. This allows too refine the initial keyword list.
  • AdGroups – Build/refine your AdGroups to keep them tightly themed to ensure the rights ads are triggered for searches.
  • AdCopy – Our PPC strategists all have online copywriting experience, ads are written to ensure highest chances of success.
  • Targeting – Initially our experienced PPC strategists make decisions for, ad-scheduling, geographic regions, placements and demographics.
  • Conversion Tracking – We setup/refine tracking for the campaign to ensure future decisions are based on lowering CPA and Increasing ROI.
  • Alerts – We set up custom alerts to ensure we are aware of any problems as soon as they happen.

Monitoring and Optimising

After the campaign is built it is set live. This is when we can start to collect data on strengths and weaknesses of the campaign.  This data is then used to optimise the campaign for better performance. Our PPC Strategists will optimise:

  • Keywords – We continually run search query reports, this allows us to continue building and refining the keywords we advertise under.
  • AdCopy – We split test AdCopy, by running multiple advertisements we are constantly able to improve the CTR (click-through-rate) of our Advertisements.
  • Targeting – Data we collect from the campaign and tracking allows us to make explicit decisions of when, where and who we show advertisements to.

Testing and Experimenting

As part of the ongoing optimisation of the account we will be testing and experimenting with segments of the campaign in order to determine the best possible settings and components.

Our PPC strategists will perform testing and experiments through:

Split Testing AdCopy – We will try different copy and USP’s (unique-selling-points) to continually improve the campaigns performance.

Testing Targeting – Taking small segments of campaigns and testing other possible demographics, scheduling and placements allows us to improve campaigns performance without making risky decisions.

Experimentation with Bids – We will experiment segments of the campaign, testing the changes in CPA and ROI based on adjustments in bids.

Placement Experimentation – Trialling and monitoring new placement opportunities, continually increase the reach potential of your advertising campaigns. Whilst ensuring only small, calculated risk are taken.

Reporting and Communicating

We provide our clients with detailed and transparent reporting. We also use project management tools that allow our clients to see the work being performed on their campaigns. We will communicate this report with you in order to determine the strategy for the continual optimisation of your advertising accounts.

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