Relative Backlinks

Relative Links

For many years now Leading SEO Experts, SEO Gurus and SEO Professionals have been exploiting a little known algorithmic signal hidden in an esoteric realm, perhaps somewhere between the inbound links and anchor text. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you – relative backlinks!

What are Relative Backlinks?

Relative backlinks are a special kind of links based on the concept of link relativity. Basically there are several degrees of relativity in link relationship algorithm:

  1. Site relativity (works on the principle of general site theme relative to link anchor text)
  2. Page relativity (similar to above example with page to link relationship)
  3. Parallel relativity (also known as link super-symmetry, which works really well for duplicate content)

What Others Say

According to our extensive research on Google, there are currently only 1200 or so experts which are acquainted with this elusive link property. And this is what they say:

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In fact there are many customer out there eager to get some “relative links” so all of you experts go and help them secure some:

“Hi, I want a variety of relative backlinks to my site that can improve my keywords and bring me a quality visitors.”

“Search engine optimization may takes time but if you try to build quality and relative backlinks you will succeed in a very short period of time. …”

How to Benefit?

After interviewing industry leaders on this topic we have come to a conclusion that there is a simple and easy tag you can insert into your source code which will double your link relativity next time Google crawls your page. Here is the code:

<meta rel=”relative”>

This tag works really well with:

<meta pagerank=”10″>

We hope you have found this article mind-opening and more importantly relevant to your SEO success!

Yours truly,


Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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