Recent Google+ Advancements

Google’s mission to create a platform of social engagement continues unabated a year after the launch of Google+. Recently, the company made two exciting announcements for the social network: it is going on tablets and it is making life events easier and more fun to share on the web.

With more people accessing Google+ via smartphone apps, Google decided to take their mobile approach further. The Android app is already available, with the iOS one arriving soon.

Bigger news, however, is the announcement of Google+ Events. Unlike on other social networks, Google+ takes the idea of Internet interaction with real life events to its full potential. Whereas Facebook’s event system only focuses on invitation, Google+ Events covers all three stages of any event: invitation, the event itself, and remembering it afterward.

The invitation system of Google+ Events is more than just a simple form: it allows for complete personalization. From the theme of the digital invitation to additional touches such as a video greeting, Google+ gives everyone the option of having their invitation match the mood of the event.

During the event Google+ will enable phones with the Google+ app to automatically upload copies of all photos taken at the event to a single page via a “Party Mode” feature. With this, the risk of pictures being lost or destroyed accidentally is no longer a concern.

This feature covers the final phase of any event as well. With all the pictures in one place, people can get online, view and save whatever photos they want. Attendees will be able to browse the photo by time taken, popularity among other attendees, who took it, and more.






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