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Whether you are working on your website or providing SEO services as a consultant or for an agency, one of the things we need to keep our eyes on are rankings. Rankings are usually a dead giveaway that something is wrong or good. In case we don’t monitor our rankings and we miss out on Analytics or GWT we can fail to see a drop that might be caused by some penalty or algo. However you look at it there are tons of reasons to monitor your rankings.

So, as it turns out I was given a chance to review one new tool called RankTrackr, you get the idea what its used for, but I’ll provide some examples and share my experience with RankTrackr that I used for just over a week.

As you can see from the image below the interface is super easy to use.

The first image is the left sidebar, there you can switch between results for regular page or YouTube, or you can assign your own groups in which you want to add your tracked keywords. If you have more than one site this way you can segment each website into a group of your choosing.

The second image is the rest of the page in RankTrackr dashboard. The top in gray shows general statistics, number of tracked URLs, tracked keywords, and how many keywords are ranked in top 3 and in top 10. On the right side is where you add your URLs. Just click the “add urls” button and you will see a screen like the one below:

You can add as many URLs as you like at the same time, and later you can assign them to different groups. Once your URLs are added you can assign keywords:


As you can see you can add as many phrases as you like and you can choose from a great variety of locations for where you want to track your phrases as well as language.

Next thing you want to do is give it some time to gather your rankings, it will start immidiatelly, I had a few rankings after just a few minutes, the rest of them were completed within an hour.


Once your rankings are gathered this is what you will see.

– Each phrase

– Phrase rank

– Evolution for the past week in a graph form

– When the last change occured

– Overall change for the past day, week, month

– Last update

The interface and data looks the same for both Google tracking and YouTube tracking and that is basically it, you can setup your tracking in a few minutes and have a clean user interface where you can monitor your data, I’ve talked to Aljaz, one of the creators of RankTrackr to give him my feedback, most of it revolved around a feature that is still not active but is essential, and that is the reporting feature.

They are currently working on the reporting feature that should go live in the next few weeks. I like what I saw so far, but without reporting this is not a complete service. From his feedback I gathered that they are looking for something simplified and flexible, options like graphs, alerts and report customization should appear soon. All in all an easy to use tool and if they provide a decent reporting feature this is a great tool to use. Considering that their prices are for anyone’s pocket starting from just $9/month and going up to $133/per month for the largest package this tool will be available to anyone, webmasters, solo consultants or agencies.

I’ll try to update this post when their reporting feature goes live so be on the lookout.



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