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Quick Tip – Controlling non-profitable keywords with Automated Rules

AdWords Automated Rules


Today’s quick tip is about using AdWords Automated Rules to pause keywords.  When used correctly, the function helps to save time, stop wasting money and eliminate underperforming keywords, thus making your AdWords account more efficient.

Under-performance Definition:

A keyword is underperforming if it has a very high cost per conversion, which eats up too large a portion of the profit.  How large or small this threshold should be depends on the industry and the users’ performance goals.


  • You bought a product for $50
  • Sold it for $100
  • Spent $60 per conversion


How to:

1. Go to Keywords

2. Select Automated Rules

3. Select Predefined ‘Pause Keywords when…’

4. Select Requirements ‘Cost per Conversion’

5. Select > , then choose the $ amount appropriate for the particular keyword

6. Choose Frequency  ‘Run Daily’ and use data from ‘all time’ 

7. Name your Automated Rule

8. Save


In this particular instance you paid $110, which equates to a loss of $10.  In this example, you could use AdWords Automated Rules to pause the keyword automatically and save some money.

As the name suggests, Adwords Automated Rules allows the user to automatically pause keywords once they reach the individual cost threshold.  To take advantage of this function, all the user needs to do is determine a maximum cost per conversion.  Once the threshold is reached, the keyword is automatically paused.

Paused keywords may later be re-enabled and optimised in order to make them profitable again.



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