Queensland Flood Information Search Now Easier Thanks to Google

In this post Switched on Media report about a new feature which has popped out for Google searches related to flood. After a bit of investigation we realised that the extent of keywords which trigger the extra info are quite broad and even target generic terms like flood if you are searching within Australia which is a very nice use of geo-targeting feature by Google.

Overall assessment is that the first page of Google provides a handy mix of the following information SERP sets, some more and some less relevant:

Google Flood Related Search Results

Though we appreciate Google’s attempt to diversify the results in this situation would have been more appropriate to dedicate the first page of results to most current relevant results (based on QDF) and push other information (such as company names, poems and movie titles to the second page of results). Another weak spot is the related search terms at the bottom of the page which didn’t seem to pick up the most relevant searches to most recent events but use old data instead. All in all out of 15 data blocks we consider 10 to be relevant which still gives the user plenty of choice.

We’ve tested a number of keywords and here are some which may trigger the special search results: flood, flood info (also triggers “flooding”), flood information, flooding, floods, floods brisbane, floods qld, floods queensland, flood pictures, flood videos, flood help and many more.

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