Dan’s Video Presentation at PeSA Internet Conference 2011


Dan Petrovic presented at the PeSA Internet Conference 2011. Topics covered: SEO, link / link building, on-site optimisation and research.

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Dan’s presentation slides, relevant links and tools.

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The topic of his presentation was demystifying SEO, from original workflow process and content creation to link building. The presentation starts with crawling, onsite and offsite optimization and then dives into the SEO workflow in detail. The first part of the presentation talks about phrase research, deciding on targets and getting the traffic getting keywords that will convert instead of industry jargon keywords which won’t get you far. A great part of the presentation uses Google webmaster tools as an example of how we can narrow down our keyword choice, how we can calculate average CTR as well as monitor average position on the SERP’s and how we can create our goals based on projections. Next part talks about navigational architecture where Dan explains page rank distribution as well as wormholes in the navigation, content pages and issues with faceted navigation. After that Dan moves onto quality content guidelines and mass websites that suffered the recent Panda update. Moving on to link building and offsite optimization Dan explains the importance of your outgoing links as well as link worth looking at all factors like anchor text, neighborhood, positioning, number of outgoing links etc… After that he dives into link building ideas or what we like to call obvious link opportunities like partners, suppliers and any person or business to which you are connected to. How to discover link opportunities, how to fix bad links and how to gain more of the quality ones you already have. Dan ends the presentation with talk about social sharing, social influence, viral marketing and some link bait ideas followed by competitor research and creative ideas for natural link building.


Dan Petrovic, Dejan SEO

Dan Petrovic, Dejan SEO

Dan Petrovic, Dejan SEO

Dan Petrovic is a well-known Australian SEO and a managing director of Dejan SEO. He has published numerous research articles in the field of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Dan's work is highly regarded by the world-wide SEO community and featured on some of the most reputable websites in the industry.

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