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DEJAN has been a leading consultancy for digital marketing and SEO since 2008. We have an innovative team with the right skills and experience to push your business ahead of the competition. DEJAN Perth is the newest addition to our company, joining forces with our other offices around Europe and Australia’s major cities after opening at the start of 2014.

Full Digital Marketing Strategy

DEJAN provides digital marketing solutions that will improve your online presence and search visibility whether you’re a local businesses, mid-size enterprise or an international corporation. We have maintained worldwide recognition for our SEO but are equally adept at performing:



There is no perfect formula to improve rankings and visibility on search engines. SEO is a complex discipline of online marketing that requires a tailored approach according to your specific business needs. Your market size, competition, customer base and industry will give us a good indication of what type of SEO service will yield the best results.

We do not offer lock-in contracts and your SEO service can be flexible in budget depending on the type of activities required month-to-month. DEJAN Perth offer the following types of SEO services.

Local Kick Starter

A local business who is unfamiliar with SEO is best suited to the Kick Starter. During this one-month long campaign we will build the framework to improve your rankings and increase traffic.

Initial keyword research will assess the performance of the keywords your website is currently ranking for and will help create a targeted focus list of new keywords. With this vital information we can then move on to optimising your landing pages and ensuring Google’s quality guidelines are met. An expert setup of a Google Webmaster Tools account will completed as well as basic CRO to improve your website’s call-to-actions.


SEO can have a significant impact on sales and conversions for a business that has a transactional point-of-sale on their website. Increasing your search visibility and ranking ahead of your competitors are sure ways of meeting your quarterly sales targets and ROI.

We’ll go into great depth when it comes to customer behaviour analysis and determine the most relevant and profitable keywords to target. Our team will utilise Rich Snippets to promote your products on the prime real estate of Google; the very top of the page. Any additional content needing to be updated on your website to improve your position on Google will also be added after a complete technical review.


Larger companies that have multiple locations will require a different approach when it comes to engaging in SEO. Our National SEO campaign will focus heavily on ranking for the right location pages across your whole domain and making sure relevant customers are reached.

An expert team will lead the way by ensuring every possible element affecting your website’s presence on search can be tracked and analysed. This begins by setting up and optimising your Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts. Maintaining a high Page Authority score is essential for branding and search performance for all of your location pages.


Well known brands could not possibly survive online without an effective SEO campaign. The opportunities to spread key branding messages and increase brand awareness are endless for large corporations based nationally and internationally.

Targeting highly competitive keywords is challenging but can be very rewarding. We will first conduct in-depth keyword research and technical revision of your website’s content and social media presence. Our team’s recommendations will reveal exactly how you can maintain your brand’s image and reputation as well as improve it’s presence online.


Call 1300 123 736 or submit an enquiry form to find out which of our SEO campaigns will suit your business best.

AdWords Management

Ranking highly on search engines organically with SEO is one way of increasing your search visibility. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook is another method and an effective way of complimenting SEO.

We have Google Certified campaign managers heading our PPC department who are experienced in managing campaigns for businesses in Perth and international clients from all sorts of industries. With our in-house developed tools and software assisting our knowledgeable PPC strategists, we can offer a competitive PPC solution to target your audience precisely and achieve amazing ROI.

Our Paid Search campaigns cover budgets for local businesses, mid-sized enterprises and large corporations. See what goes into every Paid Search campaign below.

Local PPC

A local business operating from one location can effectively reach their customers and drive sales with a tailor-made Local PPC campaign. Our Google Certified campaign managers can deliver fantastic ROI even on a modest budget to suit small businesses and businesses targeting a smaller group of key phrases.

We boast a team with experience and intuitive knowledge of advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook and other platforms. Constant tracking of multiple KPIs and finely tuned targeting formulas help maintain a low cost per click (CPC) and a high click-through rate (CTR) over the course of the campaign.

eCommerce PPC

A business that sells through their website can benefit substantially from running a paid search campaign. Setting precise budget allocations and ad placements as well targeting your customers and prospects can result in healthy returns.

Our PPC department have experience optimising and managing campaigns for online retailers of all sizes. Whether your product line is small or large, we can ensure you are making sales and improving your position on Google’s rankings with prominent display ads and product offerings on Google Shopping.

National PPC

Our National PPC campaign is ideal for large companies with multiple locations that target a larger set of keywords and customers. A mix of exact and broadly matched keywords will be targeted to ensure extended reach while still remaining relevant to your product and market.

Your ads will be drafted with the creative input of our in-house copywriters so the right messages are being promoted with eye-catching copy. Our expert knowledge of account settings and refining the many factors affecting your campaign ensures the budget is going to all the right places.

Corporate PPC

Running a paid search campaign for corporate businesses is now essential for maintaining high search visibility and competitiveness in a challenging market. We perform in-depth analysis with our specially developed tools to create an effective strategy that targets highly relevant keywords.

Our structured accounts across multiple PPC platforms allows for easy optimisation and expansion, which is key to the ongoing success of a paid search campaign. Our expert setup of Google AdWords and Analytics accounts means we can track important metrics such as conversions, views and ‘time-on-site’ to assist in making important strategic decisions.


Ask one of our consultants about our PPC campaigns by calling 1300 123 736 or find out more information here.

Content Marketing

Since the rise of social media, blogs and online news, content marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for branding and increasing traffic. Nearly everybody’s social media feed is full of links to engaging content relevant to many interests and niches and one of them could be yours.

These referral links are highly important for increasing your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines and will make it significantly easier to get to the first page of Google. Filling your website or company blog with captivating content will also make it an enjoyable experience for your customers and prospects; leading to increased user engagement and positive branding.

Find out how we create viral marketing campaigns and creative content strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The overall efficiency of your website can be greatly improved with a custom CRO strategy. Our approach to CRO utilises telling datasets obtained from a range of in-house tools as well as the insightful business intelligence of our team. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to optimising the right call-to-actions and other elements affecting your customer acquisition and sales.

Any opportunities to make your website perform better will be uncovered by substantial research. We’ll then implement a range of different solutions and carry out A/B testing to achieve the best possible ROI from any promotional efforts on your website and social media pages.

Our Process

You can be sure that we haven’t worked on so many successful SEO campaigns without a proven approach. Our 3-step process for each of our campaigns is Discovery, Strategy and Execution.

The first Discovery step entails us learning more about your business. By gaining this in-depth understanding, we can determine which keywords and phrases have the most potential for growth, if there are any link partnerships worth pursuing and how your results will eventually stack up against your competitors’.

Ultimately, our SEO Strategy will reveal every single detail that will be involved in improving your online presence. This 3-month schedule will include setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account, creating a content strategy and optimising any broken links and outbound links.

The Execution of our SEO solution will lead to the long-term results you are looking for. All of our SEO Packages include ongoing reporting and tracking of you and your competitors’ traffic and ranking results as well as a risk assessment of the links going to your website. We’ll also provide SEO-friendly marketing policies that will ensure steady growth in online presence.

See the complete details of our winning process or answer any other questions you might have on our FAQ page.

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