Panda Update Integration into Search Algorithm

As reported by Search Engine Land, Panda update, which is a manual update, will soon be integrated into Google’s search algorithm. Their source is Matt Cutts, and this was stated at SMX West conference.

What this means is that Panda which was a manual update will no longer be pushed in sequences when Google sees fit, but will be a part of Google search algorithm and as well one of the rankings factors, and one of the most important ones. At this point I am considering how long will it take for Google to integrate Penguin updates into search algo? Given the recent statement it is a valid question, will they integrate Penguin as well, and if they plan on doing that, when is that going to happen.

In regards to Panda integration, which should comes this weekend, we will be able to see large scale movement with Panda “rejects” and recoveries quite soon. So please report your findings and experiences in the comments or the SEO hangout panel, we would love to discuss it.


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2 thoughts on “Panda Update Integration into Search Algorithm

  1. Making Google Panda a near real time component of the algorithm is a good and bad thing.

    For instance imaging you’re an ecommerce website that gets crawled quite heavily by Googlebot. You could roll out an update to your site and inadvertently create a lot of duplicate or thin content. Googlebot could theoretically come through, crawl through enough of this ‘new’ content and a day or so later the website could end up penalised.

    I wonder whether or not we’ll hear war stories of site upgrades gone horribly wrong, akin to content restructuring taking place without HTTP 301 redirects and other items of similar ilk.

  2. Miguel Silva Rodrigues

    Hi guys, you could consider updating your post to say that Panda has been a manually updated algorithm :) It had frequent manual refreshes of data but it was always an algorithm. What I guess is new is that Google will stop refreshing the data as it has been doing so far, meaning that it has become stable enough to become part of indexing rather than a final ranking adjustment.