Hi, here are some fun facts and observations about Google PageRank:

  • PageRank is currently one year old (or I should say stale) last update took the data snapshot from June 2010.
  • When PageRank updates it never shows realtime PageRank snapshot but usually a few months back. Not sure why they do this – perhaps they spend some time equalising the data and solving the ‘dangling links’ in their random surfer model.
  • The allocation of TBPR to pages is affected by content uniqueness as well as indexation/caching in addition to the usual cascading system (0.25).
  • Many webmasters say they have a PageRank 5 or PageRank 4 website, when in fact calculation works on the page level – there is no such thing as site PageRank.
  • Websites that sell links and make it obvious get a fake PR4 assigned algorithmically even if they are PR5, PR6, PR7 or PR8 this makes them less interesting to buyers.
  • Some webmasters still buy links from fake PageRank websites (to get one 301 any page to another website and wait for a week or so, kill the 301 and voila! – Your URL shows their PR, though only temporarily).

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