PageRank Update: November 2011

Webmasters report global toolbar PageRank update today. Our team has tested the values on a sample of 1000 tracked domains and can confirm the news as approximately 40% of the tested URLs show variation in toolbar PR value. Recently Google changed the PR call URL which caused many to believe that PageRank was no longer showing to public.

The most recent article which received PageRank on our website was published on the 29th October. Anything published on the 31st of October or later is not showing PageRank. It’s safe to say that this snapshot has taken place somewhere between 29th and 31st October 2011 and webmasters are currently seeing PageRank as it was over a month ago.

Here are some of our previous articles related to Google PageRank including updates:

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5 thoughts on “PageRank Update: November 2011

  1. Looks like my site,, was the beneficiary of a two-point bump in this PR update. Hopefully on the back of Dan’s advice at WordCamp the other day I’ll increase again in the next update.

  2. Well done. It’s great to see something visual to represent success… shame all that other goodness is hidden away and we cannot see it. PageRank on its own is only a tiny slice. Ping us back in the next round of updates, would be great to see what you got!