PageRank Update: February 2012

pagerankAs observed by our team and reported by several other reliable sources [1], February brought another fresh update of the toolbar PageRank values for websites.

The most recent article included in the update was published on 1st of February 2012 so we conclude that the PageRank update managed to catch indexed pages as fresh as one week old, which is better than average. In some instances Google would show months old PageRank snapshot.

For those not familiar with how Google PageRank works here‘s a brief explanation. Basically, there are two manifestations of PageRank:

1) Public PageRank which we call TBPR (short for Toolbar PageRank).
2) Actual PageRank which we cannot see in real-time.

First version is used as one of few tangible visual importance factors supplied by Google directly and has over the years become one of the most talked-about metrics in SEO. The public PageRank value ranges from 0 to 10 and sometimes showing as N/A (for example when page is not in Google’s index).

The second version is used internally within Google as one of many algorithm factors which influence rankings. Its value is not broken down into rounded values (0-10) like the simplified toolbar version.

In the image below you can see the typical Toolbar PageRank update frequency:

Pagerank Update Calendar

The last recorded PageRank update was in November 2011.



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