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SEO Challenge

Challenge #2


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How I Hijacked Rand Fishkin’s Blog

Search Result Hijacking

Search result hijacking is a surprisingly straightforward process. This post will go over theory, test cases done by Dejan SEO team and offer ways for webmasters to defend against search result theft.…

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Next Panda Update: More Forgiving?

Panda Google

We’re seeing signs of thin-repetitive content finding its way back into Google’s index in the last couple of days. Is this a sign of a gentler, more forgiving search quality algorithm?

There are a few search queries which I perform regularly, one of them scans for recent references of our website online and this typically this returns fresh and unique references.…

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Structured Data Testing Tool Available in GWT

Google once again made it easier for webmasters to make sure that their rich snippets are up to standards by improving the rich snippet testing tool into structured data testing tool.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

New post was published at GWT blog to announce the release of this new shiny improvement that brings the following to the table:

-          Better display of rich snippet in the testing tool, made to resemble how we see them in search results

-          More languages added

-          New visual design

You can have some fun with the testing tool, trying out rich snippets before you place them on your site or you can try out different examples gives in the structured data tool as previews.…

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SEO Events

Upcoming and past SEO events involving Dejan SEO:

9am September 13th, 2012
All things authorship and rich snippets.
10.30am September 4th, 2012
Presentation at SMX Melbourne 2012.
7pm August 30th, 2012
A quiz for webmasters and SEOs of all levels.
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Guest Blogging? Exercise Caution!

Have you ever done any guest blogging? Here’s a few tips on how to stay safe and avoid breaching search engine guidelines.

Choose Wisely

Google has 25,270,000,000 pages in their index. Imagine a tiny little fraction of their index to represent your guest blogging opportunities.…

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Google Plus Optimisation


Google Plus is a fast-growing social media platform and a result of Google’s unified product philosophy. Any smart business will recognise a range of opportunities the new social media platform offers:

  • Google Plus HeaderPersonal Account & Business Page Setup
  • Discussion & Customer Loyalty
  • Engagement
    • Circles
    • +1
    • Share
    • Comments
    • Advanced follower management
    • Targeted Communication
  • Content and News Publishing & Announcement
  • Hangouts & Hangouts on Air for live engagement
  • Chat & email integration
  • Management of Google Places (Maps, Local Business)
  • Photo & Video Publishing
  • Event Management
  • Authorship

The benefits of active Google+ accounts span beyond the social media platform itself as Google continues to integrate + into more of their products including search, ads and analytics.…

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Webmaster Academy – Simple Google Tutorial or Indispensable Resource?

With webmaster tools support forum, being as they are, fairly disorganized, I actually expected Google to give us something a bit more useful with more hierarchy a long time ago. Just going through some of the answer threads there can make my head hurt.…

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Enterprise SEO: 2012 and Beyond

Enterprise SEO Header Image

Learn about the key elements behind our most successful enterprise SEO campaigns.

Enterprise SEO brings a whole new set of challenges on top of usual set of best optimisation practices and one of the most momentous obstacles with large-scale campaigns is the sheer scale of things.…

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Why Google Went Social

Let’s take a look at some of the confirmed ranking factors and find out the reasons behind Google’s social focus.

Social Circle

Part 2 of the Search Quality Series by Dejan SEO

Our first search quality article discusses the link graph theory, co-citation, social graph, knowledge graph and top-level spam detection techniques.…

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