Page Speed Services – Google’s New Addition to Speed Optimisation

We just received word that Google has launched another service that will help the webmasters increase the speed of their websites, and according to Google’s announcement[1]it will increase the speed of a site from 25% to 60%.

The new service is called Page Speed Service and is currently in a beta phase for which you can sign up on their website[2].

A few years back Google rolled out the browser extension for page speed, then an online API and a few months back they rolled out the mod_pagespeed module that helps us automatically rewrite our content and pages for faster loading.

Page speed service is supposed to be a full package delivering great results, so basically the only thing you would have to do is point your DNS to and Google will handle the rest automatically. They will compress, gzip, or do anything at all; they will forward your website to your users much faster.

They have also provided instructions on how to test your web speed[3] for comparison with their new service. The only remaining question is how much Page Speed Services will cost once they are opened to the public.

page speed service

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[3] Website Speed test instructions:

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